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Steel Plank Scaffold High-Performance Solution for Your Construction scaffolding plank

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Bythai
Model Number BM205
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Price 4.5-8.5
Packaging Details ln bundles
Delivery Time 10-15
Payment Terms container, shipping

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Product Details
Material Steel Packaging Container
Place Of Shipment China Usage Scaffolding
Length Customized Surface Pre-galvanized/hot Dip Galvanized/Spray Plastic
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Product Description

Product Description:

Scaffolding Plank

Scaffolding plank is an essential component in construction scaffolding. It is used to provide a safe and sturdy platform for workers to stand on while working at heights. Our scaffolding plank is made of high-quality steel, making it strong and durable for heavy-duty use.

Surface Options

Our scaffolding plank is available in three different surface finishes: pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, and spray plastic. Each surface option offers its own unique benefits to suit different working conditions.


The pre-galvanized surface provides a protective layer of zinc coating, making it resistant to corrosion and rust. This surface option is perfect for outdoor use, as it can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Hot Dip Galvanized

The hot dip galvanized surface is achieved by dipping the steel plank in molten zinc, creating a thicker and more durable layer of coating. This surface option is ideal for heavy-duty and long-term use, as it provides excellent protection against corrosion.

Spray Plastic

The spray plastic surface is achieved by coating the steel plank with a layer of plastic, providing additional protection against corrosion and making it more slip-resistant. This surface option is perfect for indoor use or areas with high moisture levels.

Material and Usage

Our scaffolding plank is made of high-quality steel, ensuring its strength and durability. It is specifically designed for use in scaffolding systems, providing a safe and sturdy platform for workers to perform their tasks at heights.

Customized Length

We understand that every construction project is different, and therefore, we offer customized lengths for our scaffolding plank. This allows our customers to have the exact length they need for their specific project, minimizing any waste and ensuring maximum efficiency.

Place of Shipment

Our scaffolding plank is shipped from China, where our manufacturing facility is located. We have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that our products meet the highest standards and are delivered to our customers in perfect condition.

Choose our steel plank ringlock, steel plank 230, or steel staging plank for your scaffolding needs. With our various surface options, high-quality material, and customized lengths, our scaffolding plank is the perfect choice for any construction project. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.



  • Product Name: Scaffolding Plank
  • Packaging: Container
  • Usage: Scaffolding
  • Material: Steel
  • Place of shipment: China
  • Surface:
    • Pre-galvanized
    • Hot Dip Galvanized
    • Spray Plastic
  • Key Features:
    • High-quality galvanized steel construction
    • Strong and durable
    • Designed for use in scaffolding systems
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble
    • Various surface options available: pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, and spray plastic
    • Perforated design for increased grip and drainage
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Custom sizes and lengths available
    • Can be used for both internal and external scaffolding
    • Compliant with industry safety standards
    • Ideal for construction, maintenance, and repair projects

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Details
Product Name Scaffolding Plank
Place of Shipment China
Packaging Container
Length Customized
Material Steel
Surface Pre-galvanized/hot Dip Galvanized/Spray Plastic
Usage Scaffolding
Key Features Pierced Steel Planking, Steel Plank Ringlock Scaffolding, Pierced Steel Planking for Scaffolding


Product Description:

Brand Name: Bythai

Model Number: BM205

Place of Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000

Price: 4.5-8.5

Packaging Details: ln bundles

Delivery Time: 10-15 days

Payment Terms: Container, shipping

Usage: Scaffolding

Length: Customized

Packaging: Container

Material: Steel

Place of Shipment: China

Product Features:
  • Steel frame for decking plank
  • Steel planks with hook for easy installation
  • Steel plank with hooks for added safety
  • Customizable length to fit different scaffolding needs
  • Durable and strong material for heavy-duty usage
  • Suitable for various scaffolding projects
Product Applications and Scenarios:

The Scaffolding Plank by Bythai is a versatile and essential product for any scaffolding project. It is commonly used in construction sites, building maintenance, and other industrial applications. The durable steel material and customizable length make it suitable for a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Building Construction: The scaffolding plank is used as a platform for workers to access different levels of a building during construction. It provides a safe and sturdy surface for workers to stand on while they work on tasks such as painting, plastering, or installing windows.
  • Bridge and Highway Construction and Maintenance: The scaffolding plank can also be used to create temporary walkways or platforms for workers to access bridges or highways. It can withstand heavy loads and provide a secure working surface for workers.
  • Building Maintenance and Renovation: The scaffolding plank is also useful for building maintenance and renovation projects. It can be used to create temporary platforms for workers to access different parts of a building, such as roofs, facades, or windows.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Applications: The scaffolding plank is suitable for various industrial and manufacturing applications, such as shipbuilding, oil and gas refineries, and power plants. It can provide a stable and safe working surface for workers to perform their tasks.
Product Benefits:
  • Easy Installation: With the steel planks' hook design, the scaffolding plank can be easily and securely attached to the scaffolding frame, saving time and effort during installation.
  • Added Safety: The steel plank with hooks provides an extra layer of safety, preventing the plank from slipping or shifting while workers are using it.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Made of strong and durable steel material, the scaffolding plank is built to withstand heavy loads and harsh working environments, ensuring a long lifespan.
  • Customizable: The scaffolding plank's length can be customized according to the specific needs of the project, providing flexibility and versatility for different applications.
  • Cost-effective: Bythai's scaffolding plank offers high-quality and durability at a competitive price, making it a cost-effective choice for all types of scaffolding projects.


Customization Service for Bythai BM205 Scaffolding Plank
  • Brand Name: Bythai
  • Model Number: BM205
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000
  • Price Range: $4.5 - $8.5 per piece
  • Packaging Details: Bundles in container
  • Delivery Time: 10-15 days
  • Payment Terms: Container shipping
  • Surface Options: Pre-galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Spray Plastic
  • Packaging: Container
  • Material: Steel
  • Usage: Scaffolding
  • Place of Shipment: China

At Bythai, we understand the importance of having the right scaffolding equipment for your construction projects. That's why we offer customized services for our BM205 Scaffolding Plank, made with high-quality BS1139 steel and available in various sizes and surface options.

Our steel planks come with hooks for added safety and stability, and are available in three sizes: 230mm*63mm, 240mm*63mm, and 250mm*63mm. They are perfect for use in construction sites, building maintenance, and other industrial applications.

With a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces, our scaffolding plank is a cost-effective choice for your business. We also offer competitive prices, ranging from $4.5 to $8.5 per piece, depending on the surface option chosen.

We take great care in packaging our products to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Our BM205 planks are bundled and shipped in containers for convenient delivery.

With our efficient production and delivery process, you can expect your customized BM205 scaffolding planks to be delivered within 10-15 days after placing your order. We also offer flexible payment terms for container shipping to meet your business needs.

Choose from our surface options of pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, or spray plastic to best suit your project requirements. Our planks are made from high-quality steel and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure durability and safety.

Trust Bythai for all your scaffolding needs. Contact us now to place your order for our BM205 Scaffolding Plank and experience our excellent customization services.


Packing and Shipping:

Scaffolding Plank Packaging and Shipping

Our Scaffolding Plank product is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure its safe arrival at your location.


Each plank is individually wrapped in protective material to prevent damage during transportation. The planks are then stacked and secured with straps to prevent shifting and potential breakage.

In addition, our packaging includes clear labeling to indicate the quantity and dimensions of the planks, as well as any special instructions for handling and storage.


We offer both domestic and international shipping options for our Scaffolding Planks. Our experienced logistics team works with trusted carriers to ensure timely and secure delivery to your designated location.

For domestic shipping, we offer standard ground shipping as well as expedited options for urgent orders. For international shipping, we comply with all necessary regulations and can arrange for customs clearance to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Once your order has been shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor the progress of your shipment.


With our careful packaging and reliable shipping services, you can trust that your Scaffolding Planks will arrive in excellent condition and ready for use. Thank you for choosing our product, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.